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Curriculum Integration Plan Written Project (20 points)
Due on or before Monday, August 6, 2012

Students will profile a learner and select a web based curriculum activity for use with the learner.

Include the following details:
  • A profile of the learner (prerequisite skills) and of the learning situation (disability, setting, etc.) [5 points];
  • A rationale for the selection of the Web-based activities and how the content connects to learning standards [5 points];
  • How accommodations might reflect consideration for student diversity and exceptionality to facilitate inclusion in the general class setting [5 points];
  • Reflects differentiated learning and instructional design considerations so that a variety of teaching techniques are used to convey high expectations [5 points];
  • Name your .doc file after yourself (LastnameCI.doc)
  • Submit your curriculum integration plan via email by Monday August 6, 2012.

Please select among the websites posted on < > for designing your plan.

Curriculum Integration Written Project Points = 20. (See Rubric posted below, also in binder and on CD)