There’s a Tool for That! Web 2.0 and UDL in the Classroom:
Discussion: Due on or before Tuesday August 7, 2012 (20 points)

Students will work in these online investigations to learn about Universal Design for Learning and Read/Write Web with virtual guest speaker Karen Janowski through case studies, presentations, demonstrations, video models and research-to-practice resources.

1. Visit and interact with attention, reading and writing sections of:

2. Learn the basics of Universal Design for Learning

View these videos Under More Videos:
UDL Principles and Practice
The UDL Guidelines
Grade 5 Language Arts

3. Explore the resources available here:

Investigate the UDL Book Builder

Investigate the UDL Lesson Builder

4. Visit and actively interact with the presentation that you find here:

5. Visit and interact with the resources here:

6. Watch two PowerPoint presentations on your CD – optional additional perspectives on UDL

After you complete these investigations, go to the Discussion Forum to see the prompts for this topic and to post your thoughts.