Publisher Report (10 points)
Due on or before Monday, August 6, 2012

Students are assigned to get to know one publisher in-depth through online investigations as discussed during class. See the list below for your investigation options.

Students will submit a summary about the publisher’s work. Include:
  • The nature of student needs being addressed,
  • Technical information about the products,
  • Potential use in standards-based literacy curriculum,
  • How features available in the products match or address learning needs, and
  • Comments about the company website

Each section is 2 points - possible total 10 points.

Submit your report in LastnamePR.doc format via email to by Monday, August 6, 2012.

(See Rubric below, also in binder and on CD)

Literacy Publishers Online Investigation
Please select from these publishers. This will provide you with a link to each publisher's web site and other resources to investigate. Please feel free to also search on the Internet to find other resources, articles and research.

1) Soliloquy's Reading Assistant
Main web Site for Scientific Learning (check research articles under Results) - Also look for case studies.

2. Lexia Learning
Main web site for Lexia Learning (check research articles)
See Presentation posted here

3) Tom Snyder Productions' Thinking Reader
Main web site for Thinking Reader (research links down left side of page)

4) Don Johnston's Solo and Incite
Main web site for Solo
Training videos
Main web site for Incite

5) Kurzweil 3000
Main web site for Kurzweil 3000 (research links and resources on left of page)

6) Inspiration/Kidspiration
Look for the research information on a tab near the top of the screen. Look for educator support materials along the left side of the page near the bottom.

7) Read Naturally
Look under the Our Approach and Professional Development menus

8) Fablevision
Look under K-12 Educator Services and Resources