Universal Design for Learning and There's a Tool for That!
Discussions due on Tuesday August 7, 2012 (20 points)

Students will work in the online class wiki to learn about Universal Design for Learning through case studies, presentations, demonstrations, video models and research to practice resources. After reviewing these resources students will participate in an online discussion.

1. Visit and interact with attention, reading and writing sections of:

2. Learn the basics of Universal Design for Learning

View these videos Under More Videos:
UDL Principles and Practice
The UDL Guidelines
Grade 5 Language Arts

3. Explore the resources available here:

Investigate the UDL Book Builder

Investigate the UDL Lesson Builder

4. Visit and actively interact with the presentation that you find here:

5. Visit and interact with the resources here:

6. Watch two PowerPoint presentations on your CD – optional additional perspectives on UDL

Discussion Forum

After you complete the investigation please go to the Discussions Forum on a separate page to see your prompt and join the group discussion about this topic.